Educational Outreach Organized by Pharmacy MSU “Pun Gow Hai Kao Jai Din or Building Pharmacy Students to understand People”

October 8, 2022, 5th year pharmacy students organized and participated in “Pun Gow Hai Kao Jai Din educational outreach”, which was held at Nong Phai-Phai Lom, Kae Dam District, Maha Sarakham Province, Thailand. The purposes of this outreach were to learn and explore the community. We hope to understand people’s health situations in the community to help plan, create, and resolve community’s health issues by providing academic service and health education and prevention based on community’s health issues. This project applied 4 Cs, which were critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity into the process of learning in the community. There were 88 5th year pharmacy students, as well as faculty members of Pharmacy MSU, and people in the community participating in this event.

Photo: Kreepon Manwiwattanakun
News: Supakon laotongsan
English news: Pemmarin Potisarach


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