Community-based learning of the third year pharmacy students in 2022

In the second semester of academic year 2021, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahasarakham University (MSU) organized the “Porhak-Maehak Rak Sukhaparp” activity for the for 3rd year pharmacy students. This activity was a part of Pharmacy Integration, and was designed for students to learn how to take care of people’s health in the community. This activity has been offered to students every year. In February 2022, students continued conducting their home-based care activity at Sri Sawat Community, Muang, Maha Sarakham. This community was the same community that this group of students participated in an interprofessional education (IPE) activity in 2021. We divided students into a small group, under supervision of two-three faculty members, who provided guidance and suggestions to students. This event had both online and onsite activities based on the COVID-19 situation at that time. We were impressed by their ability to apply their skills and knowledge that they have learned in class for taking care of people’s health in the community.

Many thanks to Muang, Maha Sarakham Municipality, village health volunteers, and faculty members for supporting students’ learning activities in the community. We hope that our students will grow and become pharmacists, who will integrate the Faculty of Pharmacy’s motto, which is “community-minded” into their practice in the future.

News: Asst.Prof. Theerapong Seesin/Dr.Pemmarin Potisarach


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