Doctor of Philosophy Program in Pharmacy

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Pharmacy (Ph.D. Pharmacy) focuses on in-depth knowledge in various pharmacy disciplines including clinical pharmacy, health policy in medicines and pharmaceutical sciences. The core curriculum provides a foundation on which to build student research capabilities. The core courses include: Seminar in Pharmacy 1 & 2, Research Methodology in Pharmacy and Statistical Methods for Pharmacy Research. Students are required to take elective courses on the basis of their sub-discipline areas of interest. Examples of elective courses are: Innovation in New Drug Development, Academic Writing and Presentation, Advanced Primary Care Pharmacy, Advanced Pharmacoepidemiology, Advanced Pharmacotherapy, Pharmaceutical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases, Advanced Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, etc. The program is only full-time study. Some courses are taught via the online platforms; e.g. Microsoft Team, Google Classroom and Zoom.