PharmCare Manufacturing

pharmcare pharmacy msuPHARMCARE is an herbal and natural product manufacturer. It was founded by and is owned by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahasarakham University. PHARMCARE has 3 manufacturing branches: 1) Pharmcare Pharmaceutical which produces herbal medicines, 2) Pharmcare Neutraceutical which aims to produce healthy foods, and 3) Pharmcare Cosmeceutical which produces cosmetics. PHARMCARE factories have operated commercially since 2012 and have been GMP certified manufacturers since 2013.


Our brand name “PHARMCARE” is taken from the words “PHARM” (Faculty of Pharmacy) and “CARE” (meaning our care for people’s health). The logo for Pharmcare incorporates the flower of the golden shower tree (Cassia fistula), which is the symbol of Mahasarakham University. The purpose of PHARMCARE is to produce a variety of high quality herbal medicines and natural products including food supplements, beverages, and cosmetics to serve various needs of people and support the government policy to promote the use of natural products and traditional medicine. We combine Thai traditional wisdom with scientific research to produce modern, high quality, natural products. We also work with private companies to research and develop natural products. PHARMCARE has been awarded more than 40 product licenses from the Thailand Food and Drug Administration (FDA Thailand) for its products and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. We currently have a number of herbal medicines and natural products in the manufacturing process. We believe that good health can be achieved. PHARMCARE invites everyone to promote good health together with us.

PharmCare staff

Atthaphon Uthairueang

Chairat Kaewboohom

Sataporn Issawin

Tanaporn Aransod

Teeraphon Bunphimai

Thawi Phatsadon

Thoy Lamoon

Sutthisak Kaewboohom