Elderly Health Innovations from Thai Local Wisdom Unit (EHIRU)

The Elderly Health Innovations from Thai Local Wisdom Unit (EHIRU) was established in 2017 through the cooperation of various field researchers including pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology and Thai traditional medicine. The aim of the research unit is to produce innovative products from Thai local wisdom for improving the health of the elderly.

Research Scope

  • Phytochemistry of natural products
  • Pharmaceutical quality control of natural products
  • Assay of biological and pharmacological activities
  • Product formulation


  • Development of Coffee Bean Extract for Cosmeceutical Products
  • Development of food supplement from Phellinus igniarius mushroom
  • Development of hair tonic nanoserum from Thai medicinal plant extracts
  • Development of Ethosomes of Phyllanthus emblica Extract
  • Development of nanoparticle cream from Yam Bean extract for elderly skin care

Our Members

Name Academic position Specialized Fields E-mail address
Dr.Taweesak Dhammaraj

(Head of EHIRU)

Lecturer Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, organic synthesis, structure elucidation, chromatographic separation and analysis, protein preparation and enzyme kinetics
Dr.Methin Phadungkit Assistant Professor Extraction, Isolation, and Standardization of Herbal medicines; Pharmaceutical chemistry and Biological characteristics of herbal medicines and Natural products
Dr. Pornpun Laovachirasuwan Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and nutraceutical  product development
Dr. Chawannuch Mudchupa Lecturer -Drug design, synthesis of compounds as potentialpharmaceuticals and structure activity relationship

-Molecular modeling and computer aided drug design

– Anticancer agent
Dr. Nuttapong Wichai Lecturere Thai tranditional medicine, pharmacognocy, molecular biology
Dr. Waraporn Saentaweesuk Lecturer Medical biochemistry, molecular biology, biological/pharmacological activities of particular cells (in vitro)