Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Natural Product Research Unit (PCNRU)

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Natural Product Research Unit (PCNRU) was established in 2014 through the cooperation of various field researchers including botany, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, microbiology, biotechnology, medicine, and Thai traditional medicine. This unit focuses on the research and development of herbals with the aim of increasing the value of herbals and Thai traditional wisdom.

Research Scope

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  • Scientific prove proof of Thai traditional medicine
  • Ethnomedicine
  • Specification of raw materials
  • Chemical isolation
  • Product formulation
  • Standardization and quality control
  • Pharmacological study
  • Clinical study


  • Efficacy and safety of extracted Prasaplai for relieving acute muscle strain.
  • Development and standardization of the Yappppproozwheeb extract capsule.
  • Effectiveness and safety of the Thai traditional medicine ,Yaprabchombhutaweeb, on allergic rhinitis.
  • Method development for extraction of the anti-inflammatory compound from Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. and formulation of nano-emulsion sprays from its extract.
  • Establishment of the standard specification of Acacia concinna (Willd.) DC., Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. ex Kurz, Punica granatum L., Streblus asper Lour., Suregada multiflora (A.Juss).
  • Comparison of the chemical constituents, pharmacological activities and toxicity of Croton tiglium L. seed before and after processing

Our Members

Name Academic position Specialized Fields E-mail address
Dr.Somsak Nualkaew

(Head of PCNRU)

Associate Professor Chemistry of herbal medicine, Pharmaceutical chemistry,

Natural products, Quality control of Herbal medicine

Dr.Methin Phadungkit Assistant Professor Extraction, Isolation, and Standardization of Herbal medicines; Pharmaceutical chemistry and Biological characteristics of herbal medicines and Natural products methin.p@msu.ac.th
Dr.Wanida Caichompoo Assistant Professor Quality control of herbal medicines, antimicrobial activities wanida.c@msu.ac.th
Greepon Manwiwattanagul Lecturer Pharmaceutical and Natural product Formulation, Extemporaneous preparation greepol.m@msu.ac.th
Dr.Bunleu Sungthong Assistant Professor Bio-analytical and analytical method development, Analysis of chiral drugs, Pharmacokinetics and bioequivalent study, Chemometrics and experimental design, Screening of biological activities bunleu.s@msu.ac.th
Dr.Sakulrat Rattanakiat Assistant Professor Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Animal cell culture, DNA-based nanosized drug delivery system sakulrat.r@msu.ac.th
Dr. Prasob-orn Rinthong Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Bio-molecular chemistry,  Herbal medicine development prasoborn.r@msu.ac.th
Dr. Pornpun Laovachirasuwan Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical product development , Solid dosage forms, Starch modification pornpun.l@msu.ac.th
Dr. Pawitra Pulbutr Associate Professor Adipocyte cell functions – Insulin resistance, Pharmacological activities and toxicological effects of natural products pawitra.p@msu.ac.th
Dr. Suphakanya Tantrabundit Lecturer Cosmetic Sciences, Natural product Formulation suphakanya.t@msu.ac.th
Dr. Atika Jaruchotikamol Assistant Professor Drug metabolism enzymes, Pharmacological activities and toxicological effects of natural products atika.j@msu.ac.th
Dr. Benjamart Cushnie Assistant Professor Cancer research,  drug metabolizing enzymes, Pharmacological activities and toxicological effects of natural productsbenjamart.w@msu.ac.th benjamart.w@msu.ac.th
Dr. Rujiluk Ruttarom Assistant Professor Quality control of herbal medicine, Cytotoxicity, Taxonomy rujiluk.r@msu.ac.th