1. Development of a Thai Quality of Life Questionnaire for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients at Lopburi Hospital.
วงศ์ทิพารัตน์ มัณยานนท์, อรอนงค์ วลีขจรเลิศ, ธนนรรจ์ รัตนโชติพานิช
2. Effects of Counseling for Stress and Depression in Pharmacy Students at Mahasarakham University.
Juntip Kanjanasilp, Kritsanee Saramunee, Suratchada Kongsree, Saithip Suthiraksa, Isara Chummalee, Rodchares Hanrinth
3. Drug Cost Containment Strategies: Lesson Learnt from Tertiary Care Public Hospitals in Thailand.
Rattanachotphanit T, Sitthitanyakit B, Wijittranuwat C, Thamvanna P, Limwattananon C
4. Non Essential Drug Utilization and Potential Cost Saving for Outpatients under the Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme .
Undhisote J, Waleekhachonloet O, Noimay S, Thamvanna P, Limwattananon C.
5. Therapeutic Values Of Herbal Medicines: An Update Of Systematic Reviews .
Onanong Waleekhachonloet, Thananan Rattanachodpanich, Kitiyawadee Doukprom, Chulaporn Limwattananon, Areewan Cheawchanwattana, Pariya Thomudtha
6. Drug Expenditures And Economic Impacts Of Community Pharmacy Visits By Poor Households.
Pariya Thomudtha, Thananan Rattanachodpanich, Onanong Waleekhachonloet, Chulaporn Limwattananon, Sumon Sakolchai, Supon Limwattananon
7. Quality of Diabetic Care in District Hospitals: A Case Study from Thailand .
Utoomporn Parinyasakulwong, Thananan Rattanachotphanit, Onanong Waleekhachonloet, Chulaporn Limwattananon,
Sumon Sakolchai, Denpong Patanasethanont
8. Estimating Pediatric Doses of Drugs Metabolized by Cytochrome P450(CYP) Isozymes, Based on Physiological Liver Development and Serum Protein Levels.
Shinya SUZUKI, Yuka MURAYAMA, Erika SUGIYAMA, Vilasinee HIRUNPANICH, Kiyomi SAITO, Masao SEKIYAMA and Hitoshi SATO
9. System management of secondary prevention in diabetes mellitus and gypertension by provincial healh offices in thailand.
10. prescribing indicators based on electronic database in the context of public health system in thailand.
11. secondary prevention in diabetes mellitus and hypertension by primary care units in thailand.
O.Walcekhachonloct(2), T.Ratanachodpanich(2)
12. impact of on-top payment on supporting systems in primary care units: network, information technology, and co-operation withlocal administation organization.
O.Walcekhachonloct(2), T.Ratanachodpanich(2)
13. Development of the Thai Knee OsteoArthritis Screening Questionnaire (Thai-KOA-SQ) in Kanleurng Sub-District, Nakronpanom Province.
Rodchares Hanrin
14. Student’s Atitudes Toward Integrating Problem-Based Learning Into A Pharm D Curriculum : Pharma Indochina 7 Arnoma Hotel Bangkok.
Wiraphol Phimarn
15. Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity and Diet Control In Pharmacy Students ; Pharma Indochina 7 Arnoma Hotel Bangkok.
Wiraphol Phimarn
16. Service provision of thai traditional medicine services under the universal coverace scheme.
On-anong Waleekhachonloet, Thananan Ratnachodpanich
17. Drug price control: Lessons from the past, present findings and recommendations for the future.
On-anong Waleekhachonloet
18. A review of drug pricing control system in Thailand.
On-anong Waleekhachonloet
19. Quality of Out-Patient Prescribing: An Analysis of 18 Standard File Datasets of Hospitals.
On-anong Waleekhachonloet
20. A Computer-based Pharmacokinetic Implementation for Digoxin Therapeutic Monitoring in Pediatric Patients.
Peeraya Somsaard
21. Thai community pharmacist involvement in weight management in primary care to improve patient’s outcomes.
Wiraphol Phimarn , Pattharapol Pianchana
22. Efficacy and safety of topical Trikatupreparation in, relieving mosquito bitereactions: A randomized controlled trial.
Ratree Maenthaisong