Education Outreach to Build Pharmacy Students to Understand People in Kosum Phisai District, Maha Sarakham

December 22, 2021, Somsak Aphasitongsakun, PhD, an assistant professor and a director of community learning center in the Social Pharmacy Division, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahasarakham University along with his colleagues and 5th year pharmacy student class leaders traveled to explore the field at Pa Pao Village, Yang Noi Subdistrict, Kosum Phisai District, Maha Sarakham Province to prepare activities for the “Pun Gow Hai Kao Jai Din” for 5th year pharmacy students.

“Pun Gow Hai Kao Jai Din” in Thai, is translated as “building pharmacy students to understand people”, which the Faculty of Pharmacy has been arranging this activity continuously for many years. The purposes of this activity were to 1) develop knowledge and skills in working with the community for pharmacy students 2) provide academic service to help with health related problems and promote rational drug use for people in the community 3) promote the use of Thai traditional medicine.

This project applied 4 Cs, which were critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity into the process of learning in the community. We strongly believed that this activity would provide real-world learning experiences to students. Eventually, students are able to recognize health related issues in the community, which as future pharmacists, students should play an important role in health promotion for people in the community.

News by Panissa Senawong
English translation by Pemmarin Potisarach





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